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Real Sex For Real Women

Welcome to the OkSexDoll professional high end adult sex doll online store, real dolls are very popular all over the world, including silicone full size sex doll and tpe dolls. A realistic sex doll is like a real woman, with her skin, her eyes, her head, her vagina and other parts extremely close to the human body.

Real Sex for Real Women


If you wanna to buy luxurious sex doll, you may need to know more about the relevant information. According to the classification of the label, you will be able to quickly choose the doll of love which you need. For example, BBW style, Japanese style, Blonde style, Black skin style, Milf style, Big ass style, etc. Surreal sexy real life sex dolls have the same look as real women: elegant hairstyles, realistic faces, real size, very light, body color and soft texture, glamorous breasts and juicy tight ass. Above all, these passionate female sex doll offer three holes that can be used for oral sex, vaginal sex and anal sex.

All our real sex dolls are made from containing metal skeletons and can do all the actions that real people can do. The skin is made of silicone or tpe closer to human skin, which makes it softer and more realistic. We only use the best medical silicone TPE material on the market, which is a new type of silicone, is very soft, clean and easy to clean! Our goal is to provide the highest quality life size sex dolls, through the best raw material available. All real dolls are 100% new and shipped directly from the factory, and all of products are checked before each shipment.

Simulated real female sex dolls have many different names in China, Japan, Europe and America. Many people in China still habitually call these realistic sex dolls inflatable real dolls, which is a very incorrect name. These styling simulations, the figure that the whole body can move and pose, regardless of the material they are made of, are completely incompatible with the inflation.

In the mainland of China, the most common name is real sex doll, which may be called solid sex dolls because these artificial lifelike love dolls are all solid. In addition to the name of the realistic real doll, the names of sex dolls, adult sex dolls, silicone real custom sex doll, and simulation dolls are often used. Silicone sex dolls are also commonly used names, which is because early artificial lover dolls were made of silicone, so the simulation of dolls is equivalent to silicone real dolls. Today, TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) has become a common raw material for doll making on the market, but there are still many consumers who cannot distinguish between TPE and silicone. So many consumers have bought TPE sex doll, but he thought what he bought was the so-called silicone real life sex dolls.

In Europe and the United States, these most realistic sex doll is called real adult sex dolls, real Doll, Real Doll, Life Size Real Doll and so on. It is particularly worth mentioning that many people directly call them "Real Doll" because it first appeared in The American brand of simulated silicone dolls is called "Real Doll". In the past 20 years, lifelike sex dolls have become synonymous with artificial fucking a sex doll and is deeply rooted in the hearts of European and American consumers. But now, according to the application of real doll, the most commonly used name are sex dolls. As for the confusion between Silicone and TPE Doll, it is also common in Europe and America. Besides, the biggest different of these two types of best sex dolls are price, and you can have sex with sex doll anytime. Silicone full size sex doll is more expensive than TPE doll.

The most realistic sex dolls for men and women made from high quality silicone and cyber skin. In this section you will find compact dolls that are easy to store, transport and afford along with full size lifelike real dolls that can be as tall as 6 feet and have body proportions of an average woman. We offer real dolls with Asian, Caucasian and African features, most of thefucking a real doll is customizable, you can choose desirable skin tone, eye color, hair color etc. Adult dolls with metal skeleton base are more expensive than solid silicone sex doll as you can position them in different ways and enjoy a truly realistic experience.

Just like a real woman, your female love dolls need the right care so that they stay loyal to you for as long as possible. We've put together some tips and advice for you that you shouldn't be without.

In any case, several aspects should be considered in order to have a fun and good experience with the sexy doll for as long as possible and fulfill the wishes in reality. The first thing to mention here is the correct choice of clothing. It is best to choose light-colored clothes to avoid discoloration of the sexy real love doll's skin. However, if you like dark clothes, you must wash them thoroughly beforehand. However, if discoloration occurs, it should be treated with a special cleaning agent.

In addition, in terms of use, you should also ensure that the realistic sexy doll is regularly cared for. This includes, for example, that the real doll's skin must be treated with baby powder to keep the real doll's silky surface. Baby oil can also be used on more delicate areas. In addition, dolls must be kept away from powerful tools or sources of heat as part of the care. This is the only way to avoid damaging sensitive materials.

However, if cracks appear, such as due to a sharp object or a large heat source, it can usually be repaired professionally so that you can continue to use your real dolls without problems. Just email the company. You will then receive a client-specific cache on how to proceed.

It also makes sense to make sure the full size sex doll is in a "comfortable" position. It is best cared for when it is lying naked on its owner's bed and covered with a light, lint-free blanket. In this way, creases and discoloration that can occur from prolonged sitting are prevented. This is also the best way to avoid contamination. On the other hand, if you don't want to keep your real sexy doll in bed all the time, you should consider suitable storage options for your loved one.

The fucking a sex doll need to apply lubricant before use. Do not be too violent, the real doll is delicate, please try your best to give the best care. The quality of skeleton is the best material in the county, but it is best not to use violence or neglect to avoid unnecessary damage and trouble. Click here to learn more about how to use lifelike sex dolls.

Here, you are the general, they will listen to any of your orders, and will absolutely 100% execute. You can try different sexual poses. You can have sex with sex doll anywhere in the house. If you like oral realistic sex doll, you can make use of her mouth, vagina and anus to vent your desire.

1. Low cost, cheap, more affordable sex dolls 2. High softness, close to the feel of real skin, good elasticity; 3. Anti-pull, damage can be repaired; 4. Lighter weight and easy to move. 5. The price of fucking a sex doll is cheaper

1. High material density, cold forming, long-term storage will not be deformed, not easy to break, durable, accompanied by permanent; 2. Stable material, not easy to oxidize, not easy to aging, heating will not be deformed or damaged; 3. The skin texture of the hands and feet is clearly visible, the body lines are as perfect as real people, and the fidelity is higher. 4. The price is higher.

The most realistic sex dolls are usually made from silicone. From the manufacture of metal skeletons to the filling of foams, all need to be handled carefully - the joints of the metal must be in the center of the material, otherwise it will lead to the production of defective products. But with the development of technology, dolls made of TPE materials are also very realistic. We mainly use high quality TPE materials to produce real sex doll. We also provide luxury silicone lifelike sex dolls for sale, of course, they are relatively expensive.

Because of their ability to be posed in different positions silicone real life sex dolls are popular with artists and photographers as models. We promise all our best sex dolls are the most realistic.

A small 2015 study3 had seven women pee before sex and then scanned their bladders right before and right after squirting. The women's bladders had filled before squirting and then were empty right after squirting.

Some doctors do theorize that squirting is a form of stress incontinence, aka a response to excessive pressure on the bladder, though Queen notes, "If it was really a medical problem, they would also emit liquid when laughing, jumping, coughing, etc."

Ongoing skepticism around squirting may also have to do with the general discomfort our society still has around female pleasure9. Squirting often feels good and aligns with an orgasm, meaning it's usually a signal of women enjoying themselves during sex.

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