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FNAF AR: Special Delivery APK - The Ultimate Horror Game for Android

Fnaf AR Original APK: A Terrifying Augmented Reality Experience

If you are a fan of horror games, you may have heard of fnaf ar original apk. This is a free Android game that is part of the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise, a series of games that feature animatronic characters that come to life and attack players in a dark and creepy setting. Fnaf ar original apk stands for Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery, and it is an augmented reality game that brings the horror to your real world.

fnaf ar original apk

Fnaf ar original apk is one of the most popular horror games on Android, with over 10 million downloads and 4.4 stars on Google Play. It has received praise for its immersive and innovative gameplay, its faithful adaptation of the fnaf lore, and its frequent updates that add new characters, skins, and features. But it has also been criticized for its bugs, glitches, and high difficulty level. In this article, we will explore what fnaf ar original apk is all about, how to play it, and what tips and tricks you can use to survive the nightmare.


Fnaf ar original apk is a game that uses your device's camera, GPS, and gyroscope to create an augmented reality experience. This means that you can see the animatronics from the fnaf series in your own environment, such as your home, your office, or your street. The game also uses sound effects and voice acting to create a realistic and terrifying atmosphere.

The gameplay of fnaf ar original apk is similar to other fnaf games, but with some twists. You have to subscribe to Fazbear Entertainment's Fazbear Funtime Service, which promises to deliver your favorite animatronics on-demand. However, due to some unfortunate circumstances, the animatronics malfunction and attack you instead of entertaining you. You have to confront an endless stream of hostile animatronics that will follow you wherever you go.

The game has several features and challenges that make it unique and exciting. Some of them are:

  • IMMERSE YOURSELF in terrifying augmented reality audio-visual attack sequences exclusively designed for each animatronic

  • EXPERIENCE real-time location based gameplay, where fnaf animatronics will pay you a visit wherever you are and wherever you go

  • SURVIVE animatronic attacks by using your limited resources wisely (including battery, flashlight, and shocker)

  • COLLECT parts, CPUs, and plushsuits to ASSEMBLE, test, repair and deploy your own hotwired animatronics, and search & collect remnant in your environment

  • SEND ANIMATRONICS against your friends and other players, and get the highest spot on the leaderboard

Tips and Tricks

Fnaf ar original apk is not an easy game to beat. It requires skill, strategy, and luck to survive the animatronic attacks. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you improve your chances of winning:

  • Keep the doors open. Unlike other fnaf games, you don't have doors or vents to close in fnaf ar original apk. Instead, you have to move around your space and look for static clues that indicate where the animatronics are hiding. If you close your doors or windows, you will limit your vision and make it harder to find them.

  • Use the flashlight sparingly. The flashlight is a useful tool to locate the animatronics and to stun them when they charge at you. However, it also drains your battery and attracts more animatronics to your location. Use it only when necessary and turn it off when you hear the animatronics moving or breathing.

  • Listen carefully. The sound cues are very important in fnaf ar original apk. They can help you determine where the animatronics are, what they are doing, and when they are about to attack. Pay attention to the static noise, the footsteps, the breathing, the voice lines, and the haywire sounds. They can save your life.

  • Shock wisely. The shocker is your only weapon against the animatronics. It can disable them and make them drop parts, CPUs, and plushsuits that you can collect and use. However, it also consumes battery and has a cooldown time. You should only shock the animatronics when they are visible and charging at you, or when they haywire and look at you with white eyes. If you shock them at the wrong time, you will waste battery and risk getting jumpscared.

  • Collect remnant. Remnant is a mysterious substance that can be found in your environment. It can be light or dark, and it has different effects on your gameplay. Light remnant can boost your stats, such as battery life, flashlight power, and shocker strength. Dark remnant can attract more animatronics to your location, but also increase your chances of getting rare items. You can collect remnant by tapping on it or using a lure. Be careful not to touch the shadowy figures that appear, as they will harm you.

  • Send animatronics to friends. Fnaf ar original apk is not only a solo game, but also a social game. You can send your own hotwired animatronics to your friends and other players, and see how they fare against them. You can customize your animatronics with different parts, CPUs, and skins, and give them different behaviors and difficulties. You can also receive animatronics from other players, and challenge yourself with new opponents. By sending and receiving animatronics, you can earn streaks, rewards, and leaderboard points.


Fnaf ar original apk is a game that has received mixed reviews from critics and users. Some of the pros and cons of the game are:



- Innovative and immersive gameplay that uses augmented reality to create scares

- Bugs, glitches, and crashes that affect the performance and stability of the game

- Faithful adaptation of the fnaf lore, with familiar characters, locations, and story elements

- High difficulty level that can frustrate some players and make them lose interest

- Frequent updates that add new content, features, and improvements to the game

- High battery consumption that can drain your device quickly

- Social aspect that allows players to interact with each other and share their experiences

- In-app purchases that can give some players an advantage over others

Fnaf ar original apk is a game that can be compared to other fnaf titles and ar games in terms of quality, popularity, and innovation. Some of the games that are similar to fnaf ar original apk are:

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  • Pokemon Go: This is an ar game that lets players catch, train, and battle with Pokemon in their real world. It has been one of the most successful ar games ever, with over a billion downloads and millions of active players. It has also been praised for its positive impact on health, socialization, and education.

  • Minecraft Earth: This is an ar game that lets players build, explore, and collaborate with others in a Minecraft-themed world. It has been well-received by fans of Minecraft, as it allows them to create their own adventures and share them with others. It has also been commended for its creativity, accessibility, and fun factor.

  • FNAF VR: Help Wanted: This is a vr game that lets players experience the fnaf series in a new way. It has been acclaimed by critics and users alike for its immersive and terrifying gameplay, its high-quality graphics and sound effects, and its variety of modes and levels. It has also been nominated for several awards, such as the Game Awards 2019.


Fnaf ar original apk is a game that offers a unique and thrilling experience for horror game fans. It uses augmented reality to bring the fnaf animatronics to your real world, and challenges you to survive their attacks. It also has a lot of features and content that make it fun and engaging, such as collecting and customizing your own animatronics, sending them to your friends, and competing with other players. However, it also has some drawbacks, such as bugs, glitches, high difficulty, high battery consumption, and in-app purchases. If you are looking for a game that will scare you and keep you on your toes, fnaf ar original apk is a game that you should try. You can download it for free from Google Play or from the official website.

If you have played fnaf ar original apk, what are your thoughts on it? Do you like it or hate it? What are your favorite and least favorite aspects of the game? Share your opinions and experiences with us in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you!


Here are some frequently asked questions about fnaf ar original apk:

  • What is the difference between fnaf ar original apk and fnaf ar mod apk?

Fnaf ar original apk is the official version of the game that is developed and published by Illumix Inc. Fnaf ar mod apk is a modified version of the game that is created by third-party developers. Fnaf ar mod apk may have some features or advantages that are not available in fnaf ar original apk, such as unlimited resources, unlocked characters, or cheats. However, fnaf ar mod apk may also have some risks or disadvantages, such as viruses, malware, compatibility issues, or legal issues.

  • How can I get rare animatronics in fnaf ar original apk?

There are several ways to get rare animatronics in fnaf ar original apk. Some of them are:

  • Collecting dark remnant, which can attract more animatronics to your location, including rare ones.

  • Using lures, which can summon specific animatronics to your location.

  • Buying faz-coins, which can be used to purchase lures, parts, CPUs, and plushsuits.

  • Participating in events, which can offer exclusive animatronics as rewards or prizes.

  • Sending animatronics to friends, which can increase your chances of getting rare items from them.

  • How can I play fnaf ar original apk on PC?

Fnaf ar original apk is designed for Android devices, but you can also play it on PC using an Android emulator. An Android emulator is a software that allows you to run Android apps on your PC. Some of the popular Android emulators are BlueStacks, NoxPlayer, and LDPlayer. To play fnaf ar original apk on PC using an Android emulator, you need to follow these steps:

  • Download and install an Android emulator on your PC.

  • Download the fnaf ar original apk file from Google Play or from the official website.

  • Open the Android emulator and drag and drop the fnaf ar original apk file into it.

  • Follow the instructions to install and run the game.

  • Enjoy playing fnaf ar original apk on PC.

  • How can I contact the developers of fnaf ar original apk?

If you have any questions, feedback, or issues regarding fnaf ar original apk, you can contact the developers of the game through various channels. Some of them are:

  • Email:

  • Twitter: @FNAFAROfficial

  • Facebook: @FNAFAROfficial

  • Instagram: @fnafarofficial

  • Discord:

  • How can I support the developers of fnaf ar original apk?

If you enjoy playing fnaf ar original apk and want to support the developers of the game, you can do so by various means. Some of them are:

  • Giving a positive rating and review on Google Play or other platforms.

  • Sharing the game with your friends and family.

  • Purchasing faz-coins or other in-app items.

  • Following and engaging with the developers on social media.

  • Donating to the developers via Patreon or other platforms.


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