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The Evil Within The Executioner PSN [PATCHED]

The ExecutionerDeveloperTango GameworksPublisherBethesda SoftworksDirectorShigenori NishikawaEngineid Tech 5ReleasedMay 26, 2015GenreSurvival HorrorPrice$2.99PlatformsMicrosoft WindowsPlayStation 3PlayStation 4Xbox 360Xbox OneMediaDigital DownloadThe Executioner is the third and final DLC for The Evil Within. Throughout the course of The Executioner, the player takes control of the Keeper as he battles the many creatures and bosses within the Victoriano Estate during the search for his daughter.

The Evil Within The Executioner PSN

Pedro's original mission is to eliminate the other rogue subjects to slow and eventually halt Marta's mental degradation, as she will be beyond saving once she hits that point. But as he goes through the first set of subjects, it becomes apparent that his daughter's own mental degradation slows, only to suddenly pick up again, even quicker than before, which MOBIUS eventually realizes is due to Pedro himself reading her notes. In order to properly release Marta from STEM, Pedro must battle a dark manifestation of his own avatar, who plots to keep his daughter imprisoned within the dark mindscape forever.

The game was announced in April 2013.[17] Believing that the tropes of the survival horror had become predictable over time, the design deliberately attempts to make the player feel powerless by taking place in confined spaces, limiting ammunition, and presenting near-invincible enemies that promote running and hiding over engaging in combat.[18] Art director Naoki Katakai said that the design concept of enemies, such as those wrapped in barbed wire or filled with glass shards, is that they are victims suffering under a greater evil. The asylum itself was inspired by the Winchester Mystery House, a Californian mansion famous for its architectural curiosities.[8]The Evil Within is built on the id Tech 5 modified by Tango Gameworks with a new dynamic renderer enabling dynamic lighting to the game.[5][19] Tessellation is also added. On April 15, 2013, and over the next few days, Bethesda Softworks revealed a series of short cryptic videos teasing the new game,[20] officially announcing it on April 19, 2013, revealing the title, the platforms it will be released on, and a live-action teaser trailer.[19] A second trailer was released on September 17, 2013[21] and an extended gameplay video was revealed on September 27, 2013.[22] Bethesda announced that the game had gone gold on September 25, 2014.[23]

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