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공개·회원 73명


Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5773 is to inhabit a blank canvas located in a standard containment chamber. No paper is to be brought into the chamber without authorization. It is to be kept away from physical documents. All contaminated material found are to be incinerated.



Once a week, SCP-5773 is to be fed by providing it with a printed illustration. In the event a print is not available, staff are to draw on a piece of paper with any available writing implement. The subject or quality of the illustration is irrelevant.

Transportation is to be performed by placing the canvas containing SCP-5773 in a fireproof container equipped with a lock, and GPS locater. SCP-5773 is to be removed from the case when it is isolated in a containment chamber.

Description: SCP-5773 is an animate black line that is 0.4 cm thick, and 19.7 cm long. It exists within the confines of paper or canvas media where it subsists on whatever is imprinted on their surface such as ink, crayon, paint, or graphite. Feeding eventually results in no content printed on the surface, and with SCP-5773 budding into multiple instances. They will proceed to search for additional media to consume, but if deprived access they will absorb each other instead until one remains.

The composition of SCP-5773 is unknown as chemical analysis of it only registers the paper that it resides on. When not feeding and unable to travel, it remains dormant on the surface of the paper or canvas. It has been observed that its movements cause the paper to degrade faster, so its dormancy is viewed as a method of survival.

SCP-5773 was discovered in 05/22/2013 at a local library in Gothenburg, Sweden. The librarians found that numerous books were having their contents consumed by multiple instances. Agents were immediately deployed to contain SCP-5773. Over 85% of the books in the library were contaminated, and subsequently destroyed as a result. Twenty books were taken for research while the rest were incinerated. Individuals that had recently checked out a book from the library were tracked down to prevent possible instances from spreading further into the public.

The investigation into SCP-5773 has obtained security footage of the day prior to the incident revealing a possible suspect. They have since been classified as POI-5773, and efforts are currently underway to identify them. Attached to this addendum is the transcript of the footage.

Three libraries throughout Europe were destroyed by the Global Occult Coalition in the weeks following SCP-5773's discovery. Correspondence with the Global Occult Coalition confirmed the locations to have been infested with the same anomaly. At the third site, they had recovered the body of POI-5773 after a violent altercation was reported shortly before the infestation was apparent. POI-5773's cause of death was via gunshot wound to the chest by another individual. A request was submitted to the Coalition to access complete information regarding the incident, which was granted. The following is a video transcript of POI-5773's death.

CMPS 5773 - Graduate Internship in Computer Science3 (3-0)Prerequisite(s): Student in good standing, 21 earned graduate credit hours, and consent of the chair. Field experience in computing with an approved business and/or organization, involving direct face to face interaction with experienced professional. Telecommuting, online or remote work are not part of this training. Class credits do not count towards MS degree requirements. Click here for the Summer I 2023 Schedule of Classes 041b061a72


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