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How to Enjoy Bleach H Game Mayuri Ver 5.6: Tips and Tricks for Playing This Bizarre and Cruel Experiment

when mayuri and szayelaporro agree to work together to keep the espada alive, mayuri states that he could stay in the human world and continue his studies of the shinigami. [51] after the espada says that he will have to inform the other espada that he is still alive, mayuri tells him to not worry about it. mayuri then reveals that he is going to make the espada his assistant. as he leaves, mayuri then comments to himself how he knew the espada had a hidden weakness, but is now glad that he was able to expose it. mayuri then instructs the espada to not leave the human world, as he will need him. before leaving, mayuri gives szayelaporro a katana and tells him to stay alive, as he is a worthy opponent. [52]

bleach h game mayuri ver 5.6

when mayuri appears and asks yhwach to send him, yhwach merely explains that mayuri is not an ordinary shinigami and is planning something. [53] mayuri then states that he is planning to repeat what happened to szayelaporro. when yhwach asks how he could possibly do that, mayuri states that he wants to experiment with the espada's powers and that he will complete his plan when the war has ended. [54]

mayuri meets with the three ikkaku siblings and the arrancar kissxion and deduces that the byakuya has a strong bond with shunsui because he needs him. mayuri theorizes that shunsui is a delinquent who has been brainwashed by the chairman, and that if he is killed, the chairman would naturally produce a successor. thinking the chairman is in the seireitei, mayuri orders charlotte and hitsugaya to have the seireitei's guards destroy it, but hitsugaya declines and states that it would be better if the seireitei's guards do it as he and charlotte have no intention of dying. [90] mayuri then orders charlotte to deliver a mobile phone to the chairman, which he believes is the signal for shunsui. after he hears the chairman proclaim himself the new arrancar, he tells charlotte to take the phone and destroy it. as shunsui's guards arrive, mayuri tells hitsugaya to kill them with his shunpo before ordering charlotte to take shunsui and hide him. [91] when hitsugaya asks if he has anything to say, mayuri orders him to flee to the dead souls, which he agrees to do before asking him if he is willing to die for him. [92] after shunsui explains that he is willing to die for him, mayuri notes that shunsui is his first experiment. [93] as hitsugaya leaves with shunsui, mayuri is seen watching their departure. [92]


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