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The Ultimate Guide to archelios PRO: Features, Benefits and Pricing

Archelios Pro 1.0 still offers technical support through its online interface and email. Archelios has the option of receiving support via telephone, email or an authorized representative, in case the user is unable to check through the online interface.

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Archelios Pro is fully integrated with the Project Management Process, so it can be used for scheduling, scheduling, both generation and consumption, technological planning, and maintenance. It also performs financial calculation of gross profit and net returns and helps to take part in financial analysis. In Archelios Pro, these calculations are integrated in the solar project system. Therefore, it is necessary only to enter the financial data and the software will make all the financial evaluations.

The material needed to install Archelios, Archelios Pro or Archelios Calc installations are: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (32-bit / 64-bit versions) (including SP1 + update); Oracle JDK 9 or later; SketchUp (2018.1 or later), Compass (5.6 or later), SmartDC (4.2 or later) and OGC-04, or any of their later versions (ASA standard for coordinated open standards alignments or the French version of OGC-04) are preferable. Moreover, access to the Internet is required. Minimum RAM : 4 GB. The last two versions of OGIS include Irradiance data and Tilt angles.

The software offers an advanced photovoltaic system protection that consists of a reporting and an alarm system. In case of a malfunction or a variation in irradiance, the configuration will be written to a configuration file and will be sent by email to the contact person. The same will be done at each change of the configuration file. The configuration file is stored in a special format that ensures its maximum security.


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