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5 Steps to Win the First Throw-In Bet 100% and 2 Mistakes to Avoid

The first throw-in bet has simple odds and is very popular among bettors. Moreover, this bet usually appears only during major tournaments like the Euro or World Cup, attracting a large number of players. To secure your win, follow these 5 betting steps and avoid 2 common mistakes when playing this bet.

5 Steps to Win the First Throw-In Bet

Betting on the first throw-in is the primary task that every bettor must perform at the start of the football betting season. However, merely looking at the odds and placing a bet without a specific plan can lead to failure. So why not try applying these 5 betting steps recommended by Wintips experts:

Research the Playing Strategies of Both Teams

The playing style and strategy of the two teams will determine more than 90% of the outcome of the first throw-in bet. Especially in matches between evenly matched opponents, it's advisable to bet on the home team.

The home team has numerous advantages, such as familiarity with the field and a stronger psychological state. Conversely, the away team may lose their composure, affecting the quality of the first throw-in.

Teams with a long-ball strategy and an attacking formation will have a better chance of winning the first throw-in. In contrast, matches with frequent ball disputes often don’t see any throw-ins.

Therefore, the first step is to study the playing strategies of both teams. Analyze the history of the first throw-ins, the throw-in scores of the last 5 matches, and use this data to move on to the second step.

Learn from Experienced Bettors

Learning from others is crucial in getting closer to victory. Gaining experience with the first throw-in bet is necessary because there are few resources available for this type of bet.

After analyzing the teams' strategies, acquire betting tips from veteran bettors or reputable websites.

They will likely have some proven strategies for betting on the first throw-in. Try betting once or twice to familiarize yourself with their methods and evaluate the risks before betting with real money.

Observe and Evaluate Player Changes in the Lineup

This step is crucial once the match has begun. If there is a player substitution, watch closely.

If the new player has good throw-in skills or plays along the sidelines, the first throw-in is likely to happen. The number of throw-ins might also increase.

When a player skilled in playing the wings is substituted in, it often means the team is shifting to an attacking strategy on the flanks. Use this information to place your bet accordingly.

Monitor the Odds Changes on the Bookmaker’s Board

Observing the odds changes is essential not just for the first throw-in bet but for all types of bets. Bookmaker online adjust odds based on the match’s progress to tilt the advantage towards them.

When the match reaches a critical point or nears the first throw-in, bookmakers might change the odds. They may offer high odds to attract bettors, but remember this could be a trap, and betting the opposite might be more successful.

Bet at the Right Moment

Unlike other bets, the first throw-in bet allows you to place your bet at any time. For example, you can bet on the first throw-in of the first half, the second half, or the entire match.

Don’t rush to place your bet. Instead, wait for the right moment, such as after observing the first half’s outcome, and then bet on the first throw-in of the second half.

Avoid changing your bet at the last minute as this could be a rash and unfounded decision.

2 Critical Mistakes to Avoid in First Throw-In Bets

Even if you follow the 5-step betting process meticulously, making these mistakes can cost you:

Bet Duration Validity

Many bettors ignore the bet duration, affecting their betting process. The first throw-in bet in the over/under category applies to the first half, the second half, and the entire match.

The first throw-in bet’s result is determined once one of the two teams performs the first throw-in. Since every match will have a throw-in, this shouldn't be a concern.

Understanding the Rules for the First Throw-In

A common mistake is not knowing the validity of the first throw-in. Only throw-ins that comply with football rules are counted:

If the first throw-in is penalized but still valid, the re-taken throw-in also counts.

The throw-in bet only applies to the first half, the second half, and the entire match. Extra time and injury time throw-ins are not valid.

Wintips has shared with bettors the 5 steps to win the first throw-in bet and 2 critical mistakes to avoid. By following these expert instructions, you are more likely to secure a win.

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