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Mac OS X 10.4.4 Restore Disc (Intel IMac)l

A long time ago, the author discovered a rather obtuse trick for OS 9. The case was that the original install discs for OS 9 failed to install the operating system completely and would thus fail (9.0.4 machine specific restore discs for iMac G3; the discs were too heavily scratched to allow the process to complete). The solution was to boot into the restore discs into the Finder. Copy the whole System Folder of the CD onto the hard drive. It won't be bootable but that is not a concern. Next, run a Mac OS 9 Update on the newly copied System Folder on the hard drive -- i.e. run Mac OS 9.1 Update on a 9.0.4 System Folder copied from the CD's boot folder. By the time 9.2 Update is finished the end result will be the same as a regular install with all the extensions and control panels as usual. (This dates back to a time when OS 9 was not as ... available on "alternative sources" and back in the days of dialup when the maximum download speed was about 36KiB/sec, or about 250Kbps a 450MiB disc image could take all night. This is why magazines like MacUser had shareware CDs included from time to time because Internet time was metered by the minute and was quite slow.)

Mac OS X 10.4.4 Restore Disc (Intel IMac)l

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